Looking for a Christmas Event in West Lothian? Well, for many people, Christmas is all about family, friends, and warm feelings. However, for those of us who keep bad hours and work every day, it can be difficult to find the time to enjoy everything that Christmas is about.

Is it worth visiting Beecraigs Festive Forest? Well here is our guide to this West Lothian Christmas event. Read our 2022 guide to visiting the Beecraigs Festive Forest below.

Beecraigs Festive Forest

Beecraigs Christmas Event

The Festive Forest is a relatively new experience that takes place at Beecraigs Country Park near Linlithgow. For the last few years, covid has put a dampener on this Christmas Event with either restrictions in place or the event has been cancelled.

If you have ever been to the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry then you are in for a treat. However, don’t expect the event to be just like the Enchanted Forest as it certainly isn’t.

Beecraigs Festive Forest

Beecraigs Festive Forest Tickets

Tickets for the Beecraigs Festive Forest can be bought online via their website. Keep in mind though if you wish for your child(ren) to see Santa during their visit then you will have to book Santa separately for the same time slot you have booked tickets for.

If you are driving to this Christmas event, then make sure to book your mandatory car park space (although no one seemed to be checking these upon arrival). It does say on their website they will turn people away who don’t have a car park ticket (these are free though)

Beecraigs Festive Forest

Visiting Santa at Beecraigs Festive Forest

The Santa experience at Beecraigs Festive Forest was for me a big letdown. After purchasing tickets on top of the entry fee, you get a 20-minute storytelling experience. That sounds appealing but it was busy, and the story was pretty boring, especially with the vast age range within the group. After the story, Santa then tells the children to line up for a photo and meet with him.

Unfortunately, by the time the story was over, all four of the children were bored and not wanting to wait to see Santa. Gifts were sitting near the exit which were either a small book or a small teddy. Not worth the £10 per child price. There are definitely better Santa experiences in West Lothian that are better valued for money with a gift given directly from the man himself and not just a box at the exit.

Beecraigs Festive Forest

Walking Around The Illuminated Forest Trail

How long is the illuminated trail at Beecraigs Festive Forest you may ask? Well, it is about 1.8km. It wasn’t muddy when we visited, and the path was pretty steady underfoot, however, as it is dark when visiting and there are flashing lights, the path can be difficult to follow and see where you are going during the walk.

Some parts of the trail could have benefited from lighting on the floor just to make it safer for children and adults.

Santa at Beecraigs Festive Forest

What Is At Beecraigs Festive Forest?

As well as the illuminated forest trail there is also:

  • Santa Experience
  • Fairground Rides
  • Retail Units
  • Food places
  • And of course toilets

You also get to find the Grinch during the walk around the lights trail and if you fancy a little dance you can go to the silent disco which is located near the play park. There is also live music near the end of the lights trail.

It would be beneficial to take cash with you as even though cards are accepted the machines can be temperamental. I would also advise taking a decent amount of cash with you as the food outlets and fairground rides are extortionate.

Silent Disco at Beecraigs Festive Forest

Tips for Visiting The Festive Forest This Christmas

  • Wear warm clothing and suitable footwear. Especially with the current colder weather, we are having.
  • Take cash as well as a card
  • Take a torch if you are a little unsure about walking about in the dark
  • Have some tissues and wipes available for cleaning hands from food etc and also for the toilets.
  • Take out a bank loan for how expensive everything is once you are inside (joking about the bank loan but it is rather expensive)

Beecraigs Festive Forest

Christmas Events in West Lothian

There are many Christmas Events in West Lothian this year, and Beecraigs Festive Forest is one of the more advertised events. However, is it worth it? I’m not entirely convinced. The light trail was great, not as spectacular as the Enchanted Forest but still very well done.

However, the cost of the food and other items you can buy once instead are just so expensive (yes, I know businesses have to make money). However, with how expensive the cost of living is getting, I’m pretty sure more people would buy stuff if it was slightly cheaper. Some of the fairground rides were also ridiculous in price, and we couldn’t justify letting the 4 kids on.

Again, this is my personal opinion and I am sure a lot of people loved the event and if they are thinking of going then they may like it more than what I did. However, personally, the Santa experience and the price of things were a letdown on a great Christmas Event.

Beecraigs Festive Forest

Beecraigs Festive Forest