The Forth Road Bridge is a suspension bridge in Scotland that opened in 1964. It is roughly 2.5km long and connects Edinburgh with Fife. It was opened by the Queen in 1964. At that time, it was the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world.

Before the Queensferry Crossing opened in 2017, The Forth Road Bridge used to carry 65,000 vehicles daily. Since opening, the bridge has seen many major upgrades and with so much traffic going over the bridge daily the Queensferry Crossing had to be built. This means that the road bridge is now only used for public transport needs.

Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh

Forth Road Bridge Walk

Parking at The Forth Road Bridge

If you don’t want to park in South Queensferry and walk up to the bridges then the Forth Road Bridge Administration Centre off Ferrymuir Gait is the best place to park to walk across the Forth Road Bridge. To find this car park you need to turn into the road at the petrol station (Shell garage) and follow the road around.

Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh

Starting Your Walk Across The Forth Road Bridge

From your car follow the signs down the steps or ramp onto the Forth Road Bridge. You can then just follow the path onto the bridge. Only the Eastside is currently open to cyclists and walkers. It is usually open all the time, however, if winds go above 50mph then the path will be closed off.

Once you get to the other side you can retrace your steps or carry on into North Queensferry and find a cafe for a pitstop. Then return to your car afterwards.

Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh

Public Toilets

There are toilets at the Administration Centre, however, these were closed when we visited. The nearest toilets would be at Tescos or in South Queensferry.

Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh

Wear comfortable shoes & dress appropriately

Even on a nice day, walking the Forth Road Bridge with kids you will find it can get rather chilly and windy. Take a couple of extra layers with you and decide what is best to wear when you arrive at the car park. It may not be a long distance to walk, however, you don’t want to have the kids complaining they are cold. Hiking boots won’t be required, but comfortable shoes are a must. You don’t want blisters or sore feet after a walk.

This isn’t a difficult walk. If you take your time you can experience the beautiful views of the Forth and the coastal towns along the way.

Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh

Children shouldn’t walk over the bridge alone

If you are crossing the bridge, make sure children are always accompanied by an adult. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and there is no reason to take unnecessary risks. Children should also be taught to stay away from the edges of bridges, because they may be tempted to look over the edge.

Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh

Is The Forth Road Bridge Pram Friendly?

Yes, it is. The path is smooth and wide enough for cyclists and other walkers to get by you.

Have you walked over the Forth Road Bridge with kids before? Let me know in the comments below.


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Forth Road Bridge Walks in Edinburgh