Blackness Castle sits on a picturesque point overlooking the Firth of Forth near Linlithgow, Scotland. The Crichtons were a medieval noble family that Blackness was built for in the 15th century as their grand estate. In more recent times, Blackness has played many different roles.

Some of these roles that Blackness played were as a garrison fortress and even state prison. However, after WW1  it was passed to state care to be used as a visitors attraction.

Blackness castle - Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

From the seaward side, Blackness Castle looks just like a ship run aground.  This is why it is also known as “the ship that never sailed”. The pointed stem projects into the water while the square stern stands stranded on dry land. The castle has three towers that add to the effect: The small ‘stem’ tower at the prow. Its tall, central ‘main mast’ tower and finally the solid ‘stern’ tower at the rear.

Note: Parking is only available for those who have booked tickets and is given a set time limit. You could move your car after your visit and park it safely elsewhere so you can explore some more. There is a nice walk you can do along the shore. If you are an Outlander fan then this is a must-see Outlander film location.

Blackness Castle in Scotland

Blackness Castle Information

Facilities: Shop, Toilets (nearest adapted toilets are in Boness), Onsite parking

Entry Price: Admission prices to Blackness Castle are currently £6.00 for Adults and £3.60 (Children 5-15). You have to book tickets in advance due to COVID. Historic Scotland members can gain free entry, however, you still need to book your tickets in advance.

Opening  Times: Please see their website

Address: Blackness Castle, Blackness, Linlithgow, EH49 7NH

You can find the most up to date information regarding Blackness Castle via their website.

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Blackness Castle in West Lothian, Scotland