Linlithgow is well known for its historic palace and the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots (born 1542). In Gaelic, Linlithgow means “the loch in the damp hollow” which is quite fitting seeing as the 15th-century Palace is located in the centre of the ancient burgh, nestled alongside the beautiful Linlithgow Loch.

Linlithgow Palace was often used as a rest stop for royals who were travelling between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. The palace has had 2 fires (1424 and 1746) that destroyed the earlier residence, which is thought to have been a manor house named the “Peel”.  Today the “Peel” applies to the whole of the royal park which surrounds the Palace.

Linlithgow Palace upon the hill

There are many highlights to enjoy of Linlithgow Palace including:

  • Great Hall built for James I
  • royal apartments
  • Linlithgow Palace fountain
  • the gateway on the East range (its drawbridge and ramp are no longer there)
  • north quarter rebuilt for James VI (1567–1625)

After the fire in 1746, the Palace has been left uninhabited and unroofed. However, you can still visit the Palace and enjoy this stunning Palace.

If your children love visiting Castles, then Linlithgow Palace definitely has a lot for your children to learn about. It is great to have this much history on our doorstep.

After you have explored the Palace you can enjoy a Palace walk around the Loch. The Linlithgow Loch walk is 2.3 miles and is a circular route. You can also enjoy a wander around the streets in Linlithgow and enjoy one of the many cafes or restaurants.

If you are looking for other Historic buildings in West Lothian then check out Blackness Castle.

View of Linlithgow loch and Linlithgow Palace in the distance

Linlithgow Palace Information

Facilities: Shop, toilet (nearest adapted toilets are at the Vennel), Linlithgow Palace parking on site (although there is plenty of parking available in Linlithgow if it is full)

Entry Price: Admission prices to Linlithgow Palace are currently £7.20 for Adults and £4.30 (Children 5-15). These prices are currently at a reduced rate due to the restrictions on the Palace. You must book tickets in advance due to COVID. Historic Scotland members can gain free entry, however, you still need to book your tickets in advance.

Opening Times: Please see their website.

Address: Linlithgow Palace, Kirkgate, Linlithgow, EH49 7AL

You can find the most up to date information regarding Linlithgow Palace via their website.

Covid: Masks must be worn in indoor areas. However, you can wear them all the time if you feel safer doing this.

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Linlithgow Palace, West Lothian with Kids